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A Longer Courtship Doesn't Guarantee a Successful Marriage

Just like they say that ‘a beautiful funeral doesn’t guarantee heaven’, likewise spending a longer period in courtship doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’re destined for a successful marriage. In fact, some people spend more than half a decade in courtship with someone they don’t end up getting married to while other spend just a few months together and get married. These, to many surprisingly go ahead to live a very long and happy marriage while those that had a longer courtship time divorce just a few years into the marriage.

Martha Nankinga and Ronald Mukasa of Kiwatule have been married for the last two decades. Mr Mukasa reveals that he been involved with Martha for only six months when he realised that she was the right woman to be his wife.

“I met my wife at a workshop where we shared contacts. Soon we started dating and within six months, I knew she was the right one. I prosed to her and we got marriage on our relationship anniversary,” Mr Mukasa said.

Such people like Mukasa have been said to have good and quick intuition as far as recognising the good in people that eventually become their long time partners.

On the other hand, Brian Munyenzaki (not real name) and his ex-wife Linda were in courtship of three years before they started cohabiting. They cohabited for over a year and a baby boy was the fruit of that awesome relationship before they decided to tie the knot.

Unfortunately for them, they were four years into marriage with a second child when everything started to fall apart.

“Little by little we started having weekly and sometimes daily arguments. Very often such fights were over petty issues but as time rolled by, we failed to agree on many things,” said Munyenzaki.

The couple finally divorced with Brain taking full custody of their two lovely children with Linda only being granted visiting rights. The children were suddenly starting to be victimised during their endless fights before Brian failed for a divorce.

Therefore, having a longer courtship doesn’t guarantee a successful marriage but rather the ability to recognise the good in people, their strength, weaknesses and imperfections that will help you build a long lasting relationship.

By James Kayindi

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