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Why do women pull away in relationships/marriage?

Often times, men sit by wondering why women walk away from serious relationships and marriages they describe as good. It baffles them so much that it keeps most men complaining about how hard it is to figure out what a woman wants especially with their ever changing needs. 

True, sometimes a woman wants something and before you get around to delivering it, their mind has already changed for something else. This can be frustrating to some men. Whereas this among other concerns should invite for a conversation between the couple, most men choose to shut their women out. 

In fact, some men have a tendency of shutting out their spouses whenever it comes to talking about certain issues that matter to their partners while most give them a deaf ear and this is what frustrates most women, forcing them to walk away.    

According to counselor Hilda Bahati, “nothing is more frustrating than having the same conversations over and over again because it ultimately makes you feel like you are not being heard.”

“If your partner has been coming to you with concerns and it seems to go in one ear and come out in the other, she begins to feel hopeless. As a result, she starts to feel like talking to you is not even worth the effort.”

This is what pushes them away seeking for that listening ear that will show some bit of empathy and concern. At the end of it all, pulling away starts to feel like the only way to cope and be in the same space with you and before you know it, they will be gone; driven away by you.

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