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Dating is for guys who are not really sure if they want to marry; says Anthea

For long, many, even including I thought that every couple must first date before their relationship materialises into a union of two loving beings. In fact, given my single status, a friend recently disclosed to me in an advisory conversation that I had better started dating so that I get enough time for courtship.

Before giving me this piece of lovely advice, I had intimated to her that I plan on marrying in 2020 and getting into a relationship only two years before that. So, that meant that we would be dating with that person for about two years or even less before tying the knot.

“You can’t know a person fully in two years unless you’re going to be cohabiting,” Flavia remarked. Of course I wasn’t sure whether I would be cohabiting during that time and I’m still not. She thinks that courtship should take about four years.  

However, Anthea doesn’t share the same opinion when it comes to dating. She says and I quote; “I think dating is for guys who are not really sure if they want to marry a girl or not.”

From the time when she and her beloved husband met, he told her a few weeks later that “be sure this is leading to marriage, I am not playing any games,” she said before joyfully admitting that she believed him right away.

“So the whole time we were together until the wedding, we were working towards marriage, not something that might not work out. If we angered one other, we looked at it in the sense of what if we were married, how we would deal with this. In the end it helped because we didn’t treat the relationship like a bus we had boarded and could abandon in case the journey failed.”


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