Book Review: Treating Small Business By Dr. Innocent Nahabwe

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TREATING SMALL BUSINESSES is a book authored by Dr. Innocent Nahabwe, an entrepreneur and marketing guru. The inspirational book is a naturalistic guide for entrepreneurs, sharing tips on how to raise capital, handle competition in a business environment and how to leverage partnerships. In the book, he cautions and advises entrepreneurs against mixing family and friends in the business.

The 200+paged book ?TREATING SMALL BUSINESSES? will officially be launched on Friday, July 12, 2019, at Kingdom Kampala Mall, with the event set to start at 6 pm.

In the book, the author notes that among the top mistakes that small business owners make include; wanting instant success, he cites a prominent example of Dr Sudhir Ruparelia and others in his league who have taken 30 years plus in business. ?We can?t want to live like them in 2 years. We will kill the business.? Dr Nahabwe remarked in a recent interview in the local media.

He cites failure to give business enough time to grow as one of biggest challenges with most entrepreneurs doing business as a side hustle. ?We keep our jobs and hope business will grow on its own. Just like a baby, I explain in the book how to look after your business and create more time within the regular day to get the best out of the business. You can?t invest in a business and let it be a by the way.?Dr Nahabwe remarks.

The author also notes that most entrepreneurs make a common mistake of mixing business capital and their own money which he decries saying ?the business is an extension of their pockets. This makes accounting hard and most of us kill our businesses ourselves by being bad parasites. We become cannibals.? He writes.

He also notes that most businesses lack bookkeeping skills, ?Most people have shops and don?t know the value of the stock they have. Money comes in and goes based on intuition. Stocking is done based on requests. In the book, I suggest simple mathematics (Primary 4 mathematics is enough) with a simple equation to use to track performance and have proper records. It is a must for every business to have proper records and track performance.? The author asserts.

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About The Author

Dr. Innocent Nahabwe is an accomplished businessman best described as a jack of many trades. He is an all-round Entrepreneur with interests in the media industry, sports betting and entertainment. Dr. Nahabwe is a Marketing pundit, Writer, Veterinary Doctor and father.

He completed his Primary Seven at St Mukasa Preparatory Seminary in 1993 and then attended Muntuyera High School and St. Joseph?s Vocational School, where he completed his O and A-Levels respectively. In 2006, he attained his first degree, a bachelor?s in Veterinary Medicine.

Fearless in his moves, he was a pioneer employee of the Red Pepper tabloid before championing the founding of Kagwirawo, an online sports betting company. The 38-year-old is also the CEO of Bluecube – a leading mobile solutions company, – the Number One music streaming and showbiz platform, Galaxy FM – a pioneer youth urban station that broadcasts in both Luganda and English which was founded in 2013 and Club Amnesia ? a popular city nightspot.

The author is a Master?s degree holder in Business Administration with majors in Marketing from Makerere University. Beside Uganda being one of the most entrepreneurial countries, Dr. Innocent says he was inspired to write the book because most people aspire to own big businesses and yet majority will realistically only do small businesses.

?Most of these start and fail before their first anniversary causing lots of frustration to budding entrepreneurs and those after them.? he notes.