Royal Wedding Loading As Gareth Onyango & Princess Victoria’s Engagement Photos Surface

Victoria Nkinzi & Gareth Onyango via mikolo

Three days to Uganda?s independence last year (6th October), socialite Gareth Onyango braved the love nerves and butterflies to propose to his girlfriend Princess Victoria Nkinzi, the daughter of His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.

Victoria Nkinzi & Gareth Onyango via

And now, a royal wedding seems to be loading after the couple?s official engagement photos surfaced. The perfect gift for our Valentine?s at Mikolo.

The engagement happened while on their trip to Thailand for the Princess?s birthday celebrations.

Although no official dates have been announced yet, the royal wedding is expected this year, so be sure we will keep you posted.